BÜNTE Jockey wheel ST48-200 VB (40100)

The BÜNTE jockey Wheel is an extremely high quality model. This jockey wheel serves as a shunting aid for the trailer. The towing load of this jockey wheel when standing is 150 kg. The maximum towing load in shunting mode is 90 kg. The wheel has a size of 200 x 50 mm and is made of solid rubber. The tube diameter is 48 mm. The turning length of the BÜNTE jockey wheel is 220 mm. The weight of the total jockey wheel is 4.40 kg.

Product Description


  • Tensile load when standing is maximum 150 kg.
  • Tensile load in shunting mode is a maximum of 90 kg.
  • The wheel is 200 x 50, made of solid rubber.
  • The pipe diameter is Ø 48 mm.
  • The outlet length is 220 mm
  • The weight of the full jockey wheel is 4.40 kg