Become reseller

of BÜNTE Originals

How is your client able to profit?


We want to deliver only the best, without compromise. Our handshake is therefore clear. 100% quality – 0% discussion.


Not only an alternative. Also an instruction manual or documentation. Our products are transparant. Usable for everyone.


Niet één, niet twee, maar drie jaar garantie. Dit geldt voor al onze producten. Voorbehoudens onze FAQ, nemen we technische defecten zonder aarzeling retour.

Not one, not two but three years of guarantee. This applies to all of our products. On behold of our FAQ, we take in all technical defects without hesitating.

From online start, to offline trust.

Welcome to the 1920s. More than 80% of all searches start online.
You are invisible? Not if it concerns us. After all, cooperation is the key.
With our help, we want to put you at the heart of your region. The knowledge and conviction you bring with you, will complete the deal.

How do we support you?

You are visible as a reseller. Online and offline.

Becoming a reseller not only brings more margin. We offer you a complete package of products, marketing and personalization.
Furthermore, we offer marketing materials that seamlessly connect to our online environment. Personalized printing, but also other relationship items for new or existing customers. As a unique item, we offer your own online reseller landing page. From online searches, regional customers come to you.

Want to know more? Then read on below.


A purchase process starts online.

The reseller is completely in the online spotlight. Your regional customer comes in on your specific landing page. Here we describe you as a company, with the team as recognizability. A brief explanation of activities and images of your company location provide the confidence. Then we make the visitor data transparent.
Each quarter you will read exactly which products were searched for and what this yielded for you.

Your advertising budget is decisive, to the extent of the BÜNTE Originals products you have in stock.
The more sales you generate, the greater the chance of success.

What are the conditions to become a reseller?

An intake interview is important, after all, working together is the key to success.
Trust is like a handshake, deal is deal. A deal is a deal.
What are the requirements?

1. You have at least 40% of the assortment in stock, from at least 3 segments.

2. You have at least two marketing items visible in your offline environment.

3. You purchase our presentation package once.

4. We use your social media channels three times a year for online expressions.

Content of the presentation package:

1. Company reportage for your specific landing page, visually and textually (both in consultation with your own input).

2. Shortened video report in conjunction with the expression of BÜNTE Originals offline marketing.

3. Two marketing items of your choice.

4. Access to your personal online B2B page.

How much will this cost?

Depending on your BÜNTE Originals product range, we’ll make a joint agreement regarding costs.
You don’t have any BÜNTE Originals products in your stock yet?
Then you will benefit from a combination of products and the presentation package.

Also want a page like this?

Please contact our reseller manager.
Get in touch with all your other questions.
The relationship we have on edge.
We are only satisfied when you are satisfied.